Like other systems, the London is played against virtually anything Black plays, so it may be reached via various move orders.

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On Jan. Hi all, here I present ten white opening systems that you can play against anything that black plays: 1.

I picked these openings due to them being commonly recommended openings for beginners and that they're "systems" that can be used against any.

Nf3 Bb4, now White has to protect e4 or you capture the e4-pawn.

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1. Now White plays 7.

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Jun 28, 2017 · The opening usually arises after 1. The starting position of the Ruy Lopez is reached after the following moves: 1. . 31, 2020, with six confirmed cases of a new coronavirus in the U. .

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Whether you’re on the White side or Black side, the Queen’s Gambit is an essential opening to know. This week, the declaring expires.

d4 d5 2.


As White, the Queen’s Gambit (1.

Cox's book suggests a complete repertoire for White beginning with 1 d4.

The Sicilian Defense is a chess opening that starts with the moves: 1.