Ameraucanas were bred to retain the blue-egg laying gene but eliminate some of the issues associated with the Araucana breed.

. It was derived from chickens brought from South America (Chile) that carried the blue egg gene and was bred to maintain the blue egg colour gene of that breed.

25/ea or $75/doz.

The Ameraucana breed was derived from blue egg-laying chickens, but they do not have the breeding problems inherent to Araucanas.

. jpg (73. A standard Ameraucana hen weighs 2.

They can lay around 3-4 eggs a week.

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Silver Bantam. Sep 7, 2021 · Ameraucana chickens are a light chicken breed.

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25/ea or $75/doz.

Look over our pictures or list and decide. They were admitted to the ABA & APA Standards in the years noted, below, after each variety's name.

. These birds are increasingly popular due to their size, low maintenance cost and their inherent beauty.

Silver Bantam.
Mar 20, 2023 · On an average, a standard Ameraucana male weights about 3kg and a female weights about 2.

00 /ea or $84/doz.

Ameraucana Bantam Chickens.

. And the male and female of bantam variety weight between 740g-850g. A bantam Ameraucana hen weighs only 700g and a rooster 800g.

Ameraucana eggs - $6. class=" fc-falcon">Ameraucana Bantam. Oct 27, 2020 · The map below shows breeders and hatcheries that sell Buff, Lavender, Silver, Silver Laced, and White Ameraucana Bantam chickens. ) Bantam Silver Ameraucanas. . 5 lbs) with all the qualities of a true Ameraucana: slate colored.

5 lbs for males and 4.

. Blue Silver & Silver Ameraucana Project will vary in colour.

Mike Gilbert: My understanding is that the late Ralph Brazelton of Kansas developed some Silver bantams back in the day before they were known as.

5 lb (2.

0]Accepted to the American Poultry Association In 1984, the Ameraucana is a recognized breed on its own, as is the bantam Ameraucana, which was accepted by the American Bantam Association in 1979.

The Ameraucana breed was originally developed in the 1970s, derived from Araucanas.

The large variety is distinguished as self blue.